SLSP 2015 Slides

Tuesday, November 24


Author(s): Title

09:00 - 09:50

Xavier Carreras:
Low-rank Matrix Learning for Compositional Objects, Strings and Trees - Invited Lecture

10:20 - 11:35

Khan Baykaner, Mark Huckvale, Iya Whiteley, Oleg Ryumin and Svetlana Andreeva:
The Prediction of Fatigue Using Speech as a Biosignal

Tamás Gábor Csapó, Géza Németh and Milos Cernak:
Residual-based Excitation with Continuous F0 Modeling in HMM-based Speech Synthesis

Marc Evrard, Albert Rilliard and Christophe d'Alessandro:
Evaluation of the Impact of Corpus Phonetic Alignment on the HMM-Based Speech Synthesis Quality

11:50 - 12:40

Sahar Ghannay, Yannick Estève, Nathalie Camelin, Camille Dutrey, Fabian Santiago and Martine Adda-Decker:
Combining Continuous Word Representation and Prosodic Features for ASR Error Prediction

Mark Huckvale and Aimee Webb:
A Comparison of Human and Machine Estimation of Speaker Age

14:10 - 15:25

Luis Chiruzzo and Dina Wonsever:
Supertagging for a Statistical HPSG Parser for Spanish

Mathilde Dargnat, Katarina Bartkova and Denis Jouvet:
Discourse Particles in French: Prosodic Parameters Extraction and Analysis

Julia Efremova, Alejandro Montes García, Jianpeng Zhang and Toon Calders:
Effects of Evolutionary Linguistics in Text Classification

15:40 - 16:55

Fatemeh Ghiyafeh Davoodi and Yllias Chali:
Semi-Extractive Multi-Document Summarization via Submodular Functions

Pavel Král, Ladislav Lenc and Christophe Cerisara:
Semantic Features for Dialogue Act Recognition

André Mansikkaniemi and Mikko Kurimo:
Unsupervised and User Feedback Based Lexicon Adaptation for Foreign Names and Acronyms

Wednesday, November 25


Author(s): Title

9:00 - 9:50

Sebastian Riedel:
Towards Two-way Interaction with Reading Machines - Invited Lecture

10:20 - 11:35

Denis Jouvet and Katarina Bartkova:
Acoustical Frame Rate and Pronunciation Variant Statistics

Tatiana Kachkovskaia:
The Influence of Boundary Depth on Phrase-final Lengthening in Russian

Ferenc Kazinczi, Krisztina Mészáros and Klára Vicsi:
Automatic Detection of Voice Disorders

11:50 - 12:40

Rasa Lileikyte, Lori Lamel and Jean-Luc Gauvain:
Conversational Telephone Speech Recognition for Lithuanian

Erfan Loweimi, Mortaza Doulaty, Jon Barker and Thomas Hain:
Long-term Statistical Feature Extraction from Speech Signal and its Application in Emotion Recognition

13:50 - 15:05

Lorenzo Ferrone, Fabio Massimo Zanzotto and Xavier Carreras:
Decoding Distributed Tree Structures

Luiza Orosanu and Denis Jouvet:
Combining Lexical and Prosodic Features for Automatic Detection of Sentence Modality in French

Konstantinos Pechlivanis and Stasinos Konstantopoulos:
Corpus Based Methods for Learning Models of Metaphor in Modern Greek

15:20 - 16:10

Lina Maria Rojas-Barahona and Christophe Cerisara:
Weakly Supervised Discriminative Training of Linear Models for NaturalLanguage Processing

Daniel Soutner and Luděk Müller:
On Continuous Space Word Representations as Input of LSTM Language Model

Thursday, November 26


Author(s): Title

9:00 - 9:50

Steve Young:
Open-domain Statistical Spoken Dialogue Systems - Invited Lecture

10:20 - 11:35

Bogdan Ludusan, Antonio Origlia and Emmanuel Dupoux:
Rhythm-Based Syllabic Stress Learning without Labelled Data

Raheel Qader, Gwénolé Lecorvé, Damien Lolive and Pascale Sébillot.:
Probabilistic Speaker Pronunciation Adaptation for Spontaneous Speech Synthesis Using Linguistic Features

Sarah Samson Juan, Laurent Besacier, Benjamin Lecouteux and Tien-Ping Tan:
Merging of Native and Non-native Speech for Low-resource Accented ASR

11:50 - 12:40

Jan Zelinka, Jan Vaněk and Luděk Müller:
Neural-Network-based Spectrum Processing for Speech Recognition and Speaker Verification

Xiaoyi Wu, Yuji Matsumoto, Kevin Duh and Hiroyuki Shindo:
An Improved Hierarchical Word Sequence Language Model Using Word Association