Accepted Papers

(alphabetically ordered by author names)

1)Amine Abdaoui, Jérôme Azé, Sandra Bringay, Natalia Grabar and Pascal Poncelet. Predicting Medical Roles in Online Health Fora
2)Waad Ben Kheder, Driss Matrouf, Pierre-Michel Bousquet, Jean-François Bonastre and Moez Ajili. Robust speaker recognition using MAP estimation of additive noise in i-vectors space
3)Théodore Bluche, Hermann Ney and Christopher Kermorvant. A Comparison of Sequence-Trained Deep Neural Networks and Recurrent Neural Networks Optical Modeling for Handwriting Recognition
4)Mohamed Amine Boukhaled and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia. Probabilistic Anomaly Detection Method for Authorship Verification
5)Mian Du, Matthew Pierce, Lidia Pivovarova and Roman Yangarber. Supervised Classification Using Balanced Training
6)Uli Fahrenberg, Fabrizio Biondi, Kevin Corre, Cyrille Jegourel, Simon Kongshøj and Axel Legay. Measuring Global Similarity between Texts
7)Arseniy Gorin and Denis Jouvet. Structured GMM based on unsupervised clustering for recognizing adult and child speech
8)Raúl Ernesto Gutierrez de Piñerez Reyes and Juan Francisco Diaz Frias. Informal Mathematical Discourse Parsing with Conditional Random Fields
9)Gábor Kiss and Klára Vicsi. Physiological and cognitive status monitoring on the base of acoustic-phonetic speech parameters
10)Georgios Kontonatsios, Claudiu Mihăilă, Ioannis Korkontzelos, Paul Thompson and Sophia Ananiadou. A hybrid approach to compiling bilingual dictionaries of medical terms from parallel corpora
11)Wei Liu, Zhipeng Chang and William Teahan. Experiments with a PPM Compression-based Method for English-Chinese Bilingual Sentence Alignment
12)Chi-Kiu Lo and Dekai Wu. Integrating cross-lingual semantic frame similarity into MEANT for better semantic MT evaluation
13)Ekaterina Pronoza, Elena Yagunova and Svetlana Volskaya. Corpus-based Information Extraction and Opinion Mining for the Restaurant Recommendation System
14)Márius Šajgalík, Michal Barla and Maria Bielikova. Exploring Multidimensional Continuous Feature Space to Extract Relevant Words
15)Barbara Schuppler, Sebastian Grill, André Menrath and Juan A. Morales-Cordovilla. Automatic phonetic transcription in two steps: forced alignment and burst detection
16)Borbála Siklósi and Attila Novák. Identifying and clustering relevant terms in clinical records using unsupervised methods
17)Mathias Verbeke, Vincent Van Asch, Walter Daelemans and Luc De Raedt. Lazy and Eager Relational Learning using Graph-Kernels
18)Zhemin Zhu, Djoerd Hiemstra and Peter Apers. Linear Co-occurrence Rate Networks (L-CRN) For Sequence Labeling

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