Local information

Umeå, located on both sides of the Ume river, is the capital of Västerbotten County in northern Sweden. It is the biggest city in northern Sweden and the twelfth biggest city in Sweden, according to the newest available statistical data. Much of the importance of Umeå is thanks to its University, whose establishment in 1965 turned the city into a center of education and technical and medical research. Today, Umeå University has about 32,000 students, which means that every fourth person you meet in Umeå is a student, making Umeå a very young city with a vivid cultural life. The city was elected as a European Capital of Culture in 2014.

Reaching Umeå

Umeå can be reached by train from Stockholm or by plane via the airports Stockholm Arlanda, Helsinki Vantaa, or Gothenburg Landvetter.

How to get from the airport downtown?

There is an airport bus (“Flygbussen”) that takes you to the city centre within 10 min. The bus ticket can be paid on the bus by credit card only!

For more information on the bus 'Flygbussen' see

Alternatively, you can take a taxi and pay it by credit card.

How to reach the site of the conference?

You can reach the site of the conference by bus from the bus station Vasaplan downtown.

Take one of the lines 2, 5, 6, 8 and get off the bus at station Universum (or take one of the lines 6, 9, or 1 and get off the bus at station Norrlands Universitetssjukhus). Here:

you can find a map showing the bus station Universum and the way to the department (MIT-huset, Lat: 63°49,22956'N, Long: 20°18,43834'E).

From there you follow signs leading you to the site of the conference.

Here you can find the bus connection lines:

You can buy bus tickets at Vasaplan in "reseinfo" beforehand or you pay your ticket on the bus by credit card only!

Walking distance from downtown to the conference site is about 2.5 km.