Accepted Papers

(alphabetically ordered by author names)

1) Rajeev Alur and Dana Fisman. Colored Nested Words
2) Kazuyuki Amano. On XOR Lemma for Polynomial Threshold Weight and Length
3) Holger Bock Axelsen, Markus Holzer, Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher. Reversible Shrinking Two-pushdown Automata
4) Franz Baader and Andreas Ecke. Reasoning with Prototypes in the Description Logic ALC using Weighted Tree Automata
5) Parvaneh Babari and Nicole Schweikardt. +ω-Picture Languages Recognizable by Büchi-Tiling Systems
6) Paul C. Bell, Shang Chen and Lisa Jackson. Scalar Ambiguity and Freeness in Matrix Semigroups over Bounded Languages
7) Sebastian Berndt and Rüdiger Reischuk. Steganography Based on Pattern Languages
8) Nathalie Bertrand, Serge Haddad and Engel Lefaucheux. Accurate Approximate Diagnosability of Stochastic Systems
9) Devendra Bhave, Vrunda Dave, Krishna Shankara Narayanan, Ramchandra Phawade and Ashutosh Trivedi. A Logical Characterization for Dense-Time Visibly Pushdown Automata
10) Henrik Björklund, Frank Drewes and Petter Ericson. Between a Rock and a Hard Place – Uniform Parsing for Hyperedge Replacement DAG Grammars
11) Alexandre Blondin Massé, Mélodie Lapointe and Hugo Tremblay. Parallelogram Morphisms and Circular Codes
12) Johannes Blum and Frank Drewes. Properties of Regular DAG Languages
13) Adrien Boiret. Normal Form on Linear Tree-to-Word Transducers
14) Yu Chen, Xiaotie Deng, Ziwei Ji and Chao Liao. The Beachcombers’ Problem: Walking and Searching from an Inner Point of a Line
15) Stefano Crespi Reghizzi and Pierluigi San Pietro. The Missing Case in Chomsky-Schützenberger Theorem
16) Maxime Crochemore, Roman Kolpakov and Gregory Kucherov. Optimal Bounds for Computing α-gapped Repeats
17) Silke Czarnetzki and Andreas Krebs. Using Duality in Circuit Complexity
18) Alberto Dennunzio, Enrico Formenti, Luca Manzoni and Antonio E. Porreca. Reachability in Resource-Bounded Reaction Systems
19) Isabela Dramnesc, Tudor Jebelean and Sorin Stratulat. Proof-Based Synthesis of Sorting Algorithms for Trees
20) Manfred Droste, Zoltán Fülöp and Doreen Götze. A Kleene Theorem for Weighted Tree Automata over Tree Valuation Monoids
21) Dana Fisman. A Complexity Measure on Büchi Automata
22) Séverine Fratani and El Makki Voundy. Homomorphic Characterizations of Indexed Languages
23) Vahid Hashemi, Holger Hermanns, Lei Song, K. Subramani, Andrea Turrini and Piotr Wojciechowski. Compositional Bisimulation Minimization for Interval Markov Decision Processes
24) Gabriel Istrate, Cosmin Bonchiş and Liviu Dinu. The Minimum Entropy Submodular Set Cover Problem
25) Tatiana Baginová Jajcayová. The Word Problem for HNN-Extensions of Free Inverse Semigroups
26) Makoto Kanazawa. Ogden's Lemma, Multiple Context-Free Grammars, and the Control Language Hierarchy
27) Guen-Hae Kim, Sang-Ki Ko and Yo-Sub Han. Inferring a Relax NG Schema from XML Documents
28) Hans-Jörg Kreowski, Sabine Kuske and Aaron Lye. Canonical Multi-target Toffoli Circuits
29) Orna Kupferman and Sarai Sheinvald. On the Capacity of Capacitated Automata
30) Martin Kutrib, Andreas Malcher and Matthias Wendlandt. Input-Driven Queue Automata with Internal Transductions
31) Nadia Labai and Johann A. Makowsky. Hankel Matrices for Weighted Visibly Pushdown Automata
32) Klaus Meer and Ameen Naif. Periodic Generalized Automata over the Reals
33) Atsuyoshi Nakamura, David P. Helmbold and Manfred K. Warmuth. Noise Free Multi-armed Bandit Game
34) Ananda Chandra Nayak and Amit K. Srivastava. On Del-Robust Primitive Partial Words with One Hole
35) Johannes Osterholzer, Toni Dietze and Luisa Herrmann. Linear Context-Free Tree Languages and Inverse Homomorphisms
36) Sanguthevar Rajasekaran and Marius Nicolae. An Error Correcting Parser for Context-Free Grammars that Takes Less than Cubic Time
37) Rick Smetsers, Joshua Moerman and David N. Jansen. Minimal Separating Sequences for All Pairs of States
38) Holger Spakowski. On Limited Nondeterminism and ACC Circuit Lower Bounds
39) Martin Sulzmann and Peter Thiemann. Forkable Regular Expressions
40) Hélène Touzet. On the Levenshtein Automaton and the Size of the Neighbourhood of a Word
41) Heiko Vogler, Manfred Droste and Luisa Herrmann. A Weighted MSO Logic with Storage Behaviour and its Büchi-Elgot-Trakhtenbrot Theorem
42) Kunihiro Wasa, Katsuhisa Yamanaka and Hiroki Arimura. The Complexity of Induced Tree Reconfiguration Problems