Accepted posters


  • ▸ Emily Darley, Aditi Lahiri and Henning Reetz. Recombining Phonological Features for Recognition of Untrained Phonemes
  • ▸ Agnieszka Duniec, Elisabeth Delais-Roussarie and Olivier Crouzet. Natural Sound Statistics and the Efficient Coding Hypothesis for Music and Speech Perception: Setting-Up an Evaluation Methodology
  • ▸ Samuel Fernandes, Raja Sengupta and Scott Moura. COVID-19 Polarity Index: Using NLP on Smart Phone Search Data to Identify High Risk Individuals
  • ▸ Julie Jamar. Process Modeling Automation: Detecting Pertinent Business Process Elements using PoS Tagging
  • ▸ Vincent Lu, Weilin Sun, Aaron Truong, Hermione Bossolina and Yubei Chen. End-to-End Domestic Cat Sound and Emotion Recognition with Deep Neural Networks