Accepted posters


  • ▸ Abdulrahman Alqarafi and Kevin Swingler. Arabic Multi-dialects Multi-modal Sentiment Analysis
  • ▸ Andrejaana Andova and Mitja Luštrek. Four Attempts at Cross-dataset Speech Emotion Recognition
  • ▸ Leila Ben Letaifa, Mikel de Velasco, Raquel Justo and M. Inés Torres. First Steps to Develop a Corpus of Interactions between Elderly and Virtual Agents in Spanish with Emotion Labels
  • ▸ Fuad Mire Hassan and Mark Lee. Multi-stage Stance Detection using Classical and Deep Learning Approaches
  • ▸ Denis Memmesheimer and Karin Harbusch. Analytical and Visual Support Choosing the Optimal k for Top k Parse Reordering in Natural Language Ambiguity Resolution
  • ▸ Shamila Nasreen and Matthew Purver. Interaction Patterns in Conversations with Alzheimer's Patients
  • ▸ Rémi Uro, Marc Evrard, Nicolas Hervé and Béatrice Mazoyer. The Constitution of a French Tweet Corpus for Automatic Stance Detection
  • ▸ Olga Yakovenko and Ivan Bondarenko. Convolutional Variational Autoencoders for Audio Feature Representation in Speech Recognition Systems