Deadlines and Fees

26th December, 2020Early registration310 Euros
25th January, 2021Early registration340 Euros
24th February, 2021Early registration370 Euros
26th March, 2021Early registration400 Euros
25th April, 2021Early registration430 Euros
25th May, 2021Early registration460 Euros
24th June, 2021Early registration490 Euros
23rd July, 2021Regular registration520 Euros
30th July, 2021On-site registration550 Euros
Fees comprise access to all courses and lunches.


Payments are to be made through PayPal. For exceptions see below.

When the registration form below is submitted, the PayPal button will appear filled in with the appropriate data. You can charge the payment to your credit card.

A fee of 25 Euros will be added automatically to cover the transfer expenses PayPal will charge as cost of the service.

A proforma invoice may be requested if required.

Bank transfers may be made in exceptional circumstances. All bank fees are at the expense of the participant. Ask for our bank coordinates.

General remarks concerning registration:

  • ▸ The registration is not complete until the fees have been received.

  • ▸ The organizers reserve the right to reject a request for registration if the capacity of the venue is complete. In that case, the on-line registration tool will have been disabled.

  • ▸ Participants in need of a letter of invitation to apply for a visa will get it only after they have registered and their fees have been received.

  • ▸ For security reasons, you should fill in the form in less than 10 minutes.

General remarks concerning payment:

  • ▸ The date that defines the fees applicable is when the payment is executed.

  • ▸ The payment will be acknowledged a few days after it is received.

  • ▸ Participants registering on site must pay in cash. For the sake of local organization, however, it is much recommended to register earlier.

  • Refunding of registration fees will not be possible in general. However, in case the event must be postponed due to the continuation of the coronavirus crisis by the end of May registered participants will be given the option of being transferred to the rescheduled event or being refunded.

  • If the event takes place but some registered participants cannot attend because they are not allowed to travel yet, they will be able to fully participate on line with the award of their attendance certificate, to be transferred to the next event in the series, or to be refunded. A proof of the impossibility to travel will be required.


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