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  • Maria Girone
    (European Organization for Nuclear Research) [-]
    Big Data Challenges at the CERN HL-LHC

    Paolo Addesso
    (University of Salerno) [introductory/intermediate]
    Data Fusion for Remotely Sensed Data

    Thomas Bäck & Hao Wang
    (Leiden University) [introductory/intermediate]
    Data Driven Modeling and Optimization for Industrial Applications

    Paul Bliese
    (University of South Carolina) [introductory/intermediate]
    Using R for Mixed-effects (Multilevel) Models

    Altan Cakir
    (Istanbul Technical University) [intermediate]
    Big Data Analytics with Apache Spark

    Edward Chang
    (Stanford University) [intermediate]
    Artificial Intelligence for Disease Diagnosis and Precision Surgery

    Michael X. Cohen
    (Radboud University Nijmegen) [introductory]
    Dimension Explosion and Dimension Reduction in Brain Electrical Activity

    Ian Fisk
    (Flatiron Institute) [introductory]
    The Infrastructure to Support Data Science

    Michael Freeman
    (University of Washington) [intermediate]
    Interactive Data Visualization Using D3 + Observable

    David Gerbing
    (Portland State University) [introductory]
    Derive Meaning from Data with R Visualizations

    Yifan Hu
    (Yahoo Research) [introductory/advanced]
    Data Visualization and Machine Learning

    Rafael Irizarry
    (Harvard University) [introductory]
    Data Science for Statisticians (tidyverse, ggplot, wrangling)

    Wagner A. Kamakura
    (Rice University) [intermediate]
    Advanced Business Analytics using Excel Addins

    Ravi Kumar
    (Google) [intermediate/advanced]
    Clustering for Big Data

    Victor O.K. Li
    (University of Hong Kong) [intermediate]
    Deep Learning and Applications

    Panos Pardalos
    (University of Florida) [intermediate/advanced]
    Optimization and Data Sciences Techniques for Large Networks

    Valeriu Predoi
    (University of Reading) [introductory]
    A Beginner's Guide to Big Data Analysis: How to Connect Scientific Software Development with Real World Problems