Accepted papers

Due to COVID-19, AlCoB 2020 is postponed and will be merged with AlCoB 2021


  • → Md Momin Al Aziz, Parimala Thulasiraman and Noman Mohammed. Parallel Generalized Suffix Tree Construction for Genomic Data
  • → Edward Allen, John Farrell, Alexandria Harkey, David John, Gloria Muday, James Norris and Bo Wu. Time Series Adjustment Enhancement of Hierarchical Modeling of Arabidopsis Thaliana Gene Interactions
  • → Hannah Brown, Lei Zuo and Dan Gusfield. Comparing Integer Linear Programming to SAT-solving for Hard Problems in Computational and Systems Biology
  • → Jiarui Chen, Hong-Hin Cheong and Weng In Siu. BESTox: A Convolutional Neural Network Regression Model Based on Binary-encoded SMILES for Acute Oral Toxicity Prediction of Chemical Compounds
  • → Remie Janssen, Mark Jones and Yukihiro Murakami. Combining Networks Using Cherry Picking Sequences
  • → Remie Janssen and Yukihiro Murakami. Linear Time Algorithm for Tree-child Network Containment
  • → Mohsen Katebi, Pedro Feijao, Julius Booth, Mehrdad Mansouri, Sean La, Alex Sweeten, Seyed Reza Miraskarshahi, Mathew Nguyen, Johnathan Wong, William Hsiao, Cedric Chauve and Leonid Chindelevitch. PathOGiST: A Novel Method for Clustering Pathogen Isolates by Combining Multiple Genotyping Signals
  • → Misagh Kordi and Mukul S. Bansal. TreeSolve: Rapid Error-correction of Microbial Gene Trees
  • → Shaoheng Liang, Qingnan Liang, Rui Chen and Ken Chen. Stratified Test Alleviates Batch Effects in Single-cell Data
  • → Sayan Mandal, Aldo Guzmán-Sáenz, Niina Haiminen, Saugata Basu and Laxmi Parida. A Topological Data Analysis Approach on Predicting Phenotypes from Gene Expression Data
  • → Shunfu Mao, Yihan Jiang, Edwin Mathew and Sreeram Kannan. BOAssembler: A Bayesian Optimization Framework to Improve RNA-Seq Assembly Performance
  • → Andre Rodrigues Oliveira, Geraldine Jean, Guillaume Fertin, Klairton Lima Brito, Ulisses Dias and Zanoni Dias. A 3.5-Approximation Algorithm for Sorting by Intergenic Transpositions
  • → Gabriel Siqueira, Klairton Brito, Ulisses Dias and Zanoni Dias. Heuristics for Reversal Distance between Genomes with Duplicated Genes
  • → Lucia Williams and Brendan Mumey. Extending Maximal Perfect Haplotype Blocks to the Realm of Pangenomics
  • → Zhe Yu, Chunfang Zheng and David Sankoff. Gaps and Runs in Syntenic Alignments