Accepted Papers

Submission Authors, Title
5 Tomas Masopust and Alexander Meduna. Descriptional Complexity of Grammars Regulated by Context Conditions
14 Yo-Sub Han and Derick Wood. Generalizations of One-Deterministic Regular Languages
15 Krystyna Stawikowska and Edward Ochmanski. On Star-Free Trace Languages and their Lexicographic Representations
18 Frantisek Mraz, Friedrich Otto and Martin Platek. Free Word-Order and Restarting Automata
21 Kazuya Ogasawara and Satoshi Kobayashi. Stochastically Approximating Tree Grammars by Regular Grammars and Its Application to Faster ncRNA Family Annotation
30 Hartmut Messerschmidt and Friedrich Otto. On Determinism Versus Non-Determinism for Restarting Automata
31 Zoltán L. Németh. On the Regularity of Binoid Languages: A Comparative Approach
39 Franz Baader, Jan Hladik and Rafael Penaloza. SI! Automata Can Show PSPACE Results for Description Logics
43 Martin Kutrib and Jens Reimann. Succinct Description of Regular Languages by Weak Restarting Automata
60 Baptiste BLANPAIN, Jean-Marc CHAMPARNAUD and DUBERNARD Jean-Philippe. Geometrical Languages
65 Markus Lohrey and Benjamin Steinberg. The submonoid and rational subset membership problems for graph groups
66 Victor Selivanov. Classifying omega-regular partitions
67 Christos Nomikos and Panos Rondogiannis. Locally Stratified Boolean Grammars
76 Martin Kutrib and Andreas Malcher. Fast Reversible Language Recognition Using Cellular Automata
77 Paolo Boldi, Violetta Lonati, Roberto Radicioni and Santini Massimo. The Number of Convex Permutominoes
78 Pawel Baturo and Wojciech Rytter. Occurrence and Lexicographic Properties of Standard Sturmian Words
79 Andreas Maletti. Compositions of Extended Top-down Tree Transducers
80 Farid Ablayev and Aida Gainutdinova. Classical Simulation Complexity of Quantum Branching Programs
83 Ekaterina Komendantskaya. First-order deduction in neural networks
89 Martin Kochol, Nada Krivonakova, Silvia Smejova and Katarina Srankova. Reductions of matrices associated with nowhere-zero flows
92 Liviu P. Dinu, Radu Gramatovici and Florin MANEA. On the syllabification of words via go-through automata
94 Pál Dömösi. Automata Networks without any Letichevsky Criteria
95 Francine Blanchet-Sadri, Kevin Corcoran and Jenell Nyberg. Fine and Wilf's Periodicity Result on Partial Words and Consequences
101 Deian Tabakov and Moshe Vardi. Model Checking Buechi Specifications
103 Guangwu Liu, Carlos Martin-Vide, Arto Salomaa and Sheng Yu. State Complexity of Basic Operations Combined with Reversal
105 Juntae Yoon and Seonho Kim. Rule-based Word Spacing in Korean Based on Lexical Information Extracted from a Corpus
106 Henning Fernau and Jürgen Dassow. Comparison of Some Descriptional Complexities of 0L Systems Obtained by a Unifying Approach
109 Benedikt Bollig and Dietrich Kuske. Muller Message-Passing Automata and Logics
110 Olivier Bodini, Thomas fernique and Eric Rémila. A Characterization of Flip-accessibility for Rhombus Tilings of the Whole Plane
113 Vinay Choudhary, Anand Kumar Sinha and Somenath Biswas. Universality for Nondeterministic Logspace
115 Julien Bourdaillet and Jean-Gabriel Ganascia. Practical block sequence alignment with moves
120 Hermann Gruber and Markus Holzer. Computational Complexity of NFA Minimization for Finite and Unary Languages
121 Pavel Martjugin. A series of slowly synchronizable automata with a zero state over a small alphabet
123 Bernd Borchert and Klaus Reinhardt. Deterministically and Sudoku-Deterministically Recognizable Picture Languages
124 Pavlos Antoniou, Maxime Crochemore, Costas Iliopoulos and Pierre Peterlongo. Application of suffix trees for the acquisition of common motifs with gaps in a set of strings
126 Henning Bordihn and György Vaszil. On leftmost derivations in CD grammar systems
127 Pietro Di Lena and Luciano Margara. Computational Complexity of Dynamical Systems: the case of Cellular Automata
129 Ralf Stiebe. Slender Siromoney Matrix Languages
135 Grigoriy Povarov. Descriptive Complexity of the Hamming Neighborhood of a Regular Language
137 Costas Iliopoulos, Borivoj Melichar, Jan Supol and Inuka Jayasekera. Weighted Degenerated Approximate Pattern Matching
142 Camilo Thorne. Categorial Module Grammars of Bounded Size have Finite Bounded Density
151 Mathieu Poudret, Jean-Paul Comet, Pascale Le Gall, Agnčs Arnould and Philippe Meseure. Topology-based Geometric Modelling for Biological Cellular Processes
152 Suna Bensch. An Approach to Parallel Mildly Context-Sensitive Grammar Formalisms
161 Alexander Okhotin. Unambiguous Boolean grammars
166 GENNARO PARLATO, Salvatore La Torre, Margherita Napoli and Mimmo Parente. Verification of Succinct Hierarchical State Machines
168 Miklós Krész. Nondeterministic soliton automata with a single external vertex
171 Yurii Rogozhin, Carlos Martin-Vide and Artiom Alhazov. Networks of Evolutionary Processors with Two Nodes Are Unpredictable