Dinner with Strangers


This year we adopt an idea popular in other conferences and training schools:

Dinner with Strangers!

During BigDat 2019 Winter School there will be no shortage of opportunities to know other people who share the same interests and passions. We want to help this process by facilitating discussions, spark inspiring conversations and forge new relationships.

The principle behind Dinner with Strangers is very simple: join a random group of attendees for enlightening conversations over dinner or pub in the Cambridge city centre.

It will be organized as follows:

  • ► there will be papers and/or online forms (join Slack!) to allow people to choose to join a dinner and/or pub gathering with other attendees;
  • ► each dinner / pub gathering is for 8~10 people max. (the dinner is self-hosted, each individual will take care of his/her own bill);
  • ► a topic may be chosen by one of the participants and a lecturer can join as well;
  • ► restaurants or pubs will be within 15~20 minutes walking distance, at various prices;
  • ► the organizers will warn in advance the restaurants / pubs about the group so a table is going to be reserved.

BigDat 2019 is not just about the training and lectures, it is also a unique opportunity for networking with new people and create connections that last beyond the event itself.

Dinner with Strangers is scheduled on Wednesday January 9th, immediately after the plenary keynote. Complete freedom to participate or not!

(Please keep on eye on this page for further information regarding pubs and resturants, as it will be updated regularly until the event starts.)